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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi! I’m Katelyn.

Up until a few years ago, I was constantly restricting, binging and desperately trying to figure out exactly WHAT to eat to shut off my food cravings and hit my goals.

My “all or nothing” mindset put me on a hamster wheel of gorging on comfort foods and then spending hours exercising it off, or white knuckling my way through eating less.  
At the time, it felt like I’d never be able to feel like a “normal” girl- living life without obsessing over food.   
But all of that changed when I stopped focusing on numbers and started learning how to work with the natural rhythm of my body.

One of the first ways I was able to see a major change? Learning how to balance my blood sugar.

This not only helped me be able to finally stop obsessing over food, feel lighter and more energized, but it also gave me back my emotional confidence. 


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